"You can always tell the kind of woman a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you." -Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, December 31, 2009


I apologize for the dialogue being in Spanish, this is the only video I could find and my favorite New Years movie scene. May you have a joyous start to 2010, and remember, you are never alone.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Etiquette in the New Year!

As you may know, I love etiquette books. I also love conducting myself in a ladylike fashion, emulating the style and mannerisms of Jackie Kennedy and of course, Audrey Hepburn. For Christmas, I was given a new etiquette book called How to Live Like a Lady. While I pride myself on good manners, I still like to read what others have to say on the topic. Being called a lady is one of the greatest compliments!
Similarly, my good friend Taylor just started a blog! She has lots of interesting posts on fabrics from Etsy and yummy vegetarian foods! She just posted some information on a new magazine called Eliza (just like Audrey in My Fair Lady!) which focuses on modest, ladylike style! What a great thing to think about in the new year! Check her blog out today!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creme Brulee: how I love thee.

For Christmas I received the new Harry Connick, Jr. CD, Your Songs. I absolutely love "crooner" style music, and love his version of the Billy Joel classic "Just the Way You Are".
In other news, tonight I went to see the film It's Complicated with one of my best friends. I thought it was adorable, and had a phenomenal story line. One of the lead characters Jane, played by Meryl Streep, was a baker and I was inspired to hone my baking skills while on break. I picked up the Barefoot Contessa cookbook Back to Basics from the local library. Not only do I love the show on Food Network, but I also love Ina's approach to cooking: classic and elegant meals that everyone can enjoy. Since I've been craving creme brulee, I think I'll try my hand at it!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Successful Shopping Trip!

Today, I visited one of my favorite stores, Ann Taylor Loft. They had a phenomenal after Christmas sale, and I snatched some great pieces! I purchased a pair of jeans, two tees, and a sweater for $75! I love the classic look of ATL, and the whimsical accents!
Rose Detail Tee:
Waterfall Tee:
Drop Waist V-Neck Cardigan with Belt:
Original Boot Jean:
While shopping I had to stop by New York and Company to pick up something for a friend. They were having a great sale as well and while I usually don't shop there, I saw a Lady Coat I just had to have! I have been lusting after the J.Crew version you can see here, and found this substitute for $50! I have always wanted a red coat, and love the belt.
With all the great deals after the holidays, I can't help but grab some new wardrobe staples! Have you found any great deals lately?

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Good morning! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! I spent the day with family and friends and had a wonderful Christmas! My favorite gifts were, by far, the diamond earrings given to me by MCC and an adorable CUPCAKE apron his mother made for me! She is so talented, and the apron is just perfect! (I will be posting a photo as soon as I figure out how to use my brand new digital camera Santa brought!). For now, I wanted to share some photos of adorable aprons I found here, as well as one of my favorite French recipes from Ina Garten.


  • 9 1/2 ounces very good semisweet chocolate, finely chopped
  • 8 ounces very good bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
  • 1 cup whole roasted, salted cashews
  • 1 cup chopped dried apricots
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries


Melt the 2 chocolates in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

Meanwhile, line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a 9 by 10-inch rectangle on the paper. Turn the paper facedown on the baking sheet.

Pour the melted chocolate over the paper and spread to form a rectangle, using the outline. Sprinkle the cashews, apricots and cranberries over the chocolate. Set aside for 2 hours until firm. Cut the bark in 1 by 3-inch pieces and serve at room temperature.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus

DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old.
Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus.
Papa says, 'If you see it in THE SUN it's so.'
Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?


VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except [what] they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men's or children's, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies! You might get your papa to hire men to watch in all the chimneys on Christmas Eve to catch Santa Claus, but even if they did not see Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor men can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they are not there. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unseeable in the world.

You may tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest man, nor even the united strength of all the strongest men that ever lived, could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside that curtain and view and picture the supernal beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, VIRGINIA, in all this world there is nothing else real and abiding.

No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

Wishing a very blessed Christmas to you and yours.
Miss Pearl

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Gifts, Martha Stewart-style

I was pursuing the Martha Stewart website today and came across this beautiful wrapping paper you can print out and use! It's so elegant in black and white and features a cameo, my favorite! You can take a look at it here.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pretty in Plaid, even in a blizzard!

Good evening, blog friends! I hope all is well with you, Baltimore is recovering from the second largest snowfall on record! This weekend, I had a chance to spend time with my loved ones and read a great book: Pretty in Plaid:
I loved this book, especially since it was lighthearted and funny- a welcome reprieve from my challenging course-load in college! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh- and those of us who appreciate prep fashions!
Here's a song for you, inspired by this crazy weather!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Give a Little Bit

I love the holiday season. With all the gifts and wish lists put together, it's important to take a step back and remember the true meaning of Christmas. It's also a great time to count your blessings! This Christmas, Brooks Brothers is sponsoring gifts which proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a truly marvelous cause. Check them out today!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yesterday was very hectic but extremely productive! I was feeling crafty in the morning so I decided to decorate some Lilly inspired cookies and Christmas gifts! For the cookies, I used a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe and store-bought white icing. Then I used gel cake decorators in (of course) pink and green to decorate them! I included monograms, palm trees, a whale, and polka dots! Here's how they turned out:
After I was finished baking, I decided to make some Lilly inspired gifts for my very best friends! I used a cute quote: "You can never have enough friends or dresses, especially when you're lucky enough to find the perfect fit" and the "Oh Shift" notecards as a background to write the saying. For the frame, I went to Marshall's and picked up an adorable pink and pearl accented frame for a bargain at $4.99! Here's how they turned out:
I posted this sample on the Lilly facebook page and got a lot of great responses!

After I was finished crafting, my family and I decorated for Christmas! Normally we do this much earlier in December but since I just finished my fall semester, we finally found the time! Here are some photos of our tree, along with one of MCC and I after decorating!

I am wearing a grey Ralph Lauren sweater and a J.Crew tissue tee. I also have my Return to Tiffany bracelet on and my favorite multi-colored pearls.

I hope you were inspired to craft and be merry! Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lilly Giveaway!

I am a HUGE Lilly Pulitzer fan! I started collecting in High School and am the proud owner of many shifts and cute clothing, as well as adorable accessories and stationary! The highlighters and "Oh Shift" notecards are my favorites because I am a big fan of sending Thank You Notes often, they just set you apart from others who aren't as courteous! Aside from that, I also love "Lilly-isms". Because I choose not to curse at all, I am always looking for sayings to substitute curse words (they just aren't pretty!). "Oh Shift!" has become my favorite! It's so charming and respectful!
Maryland Pink and Green is hosting a Lilly Giveaway! To enter, scoot on over to her blog and become a follower. She is lovely and has such cute ideas for gifts and lifestyle! We share a love for Lilly, Martha Stewart, pink and green, and Maryland- we're from the same state! Check her out. Happy Wednesday!

Miss Pearl

Two Posts in One Day!

But, as Lilly says, "Too much is NEVER enough!"
In this first post I thought I'd share some of my favorite music with you! I absolutely love old "crooners" like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, as well as contemporary crooners like Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. I also love some rock/pop and country, namely Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Keith Urban.
Here are some of my favorites:
Frank Sinatra- Young at Heart
Michael Buble- Haven't Met You Yet
DMB- Shake Me Like a Monkey
John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift- Half of My Heart
What is some of your favorite music?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exciting News!

Vineyard Vines has created a line of stationary! I love the VV totes and belts, and of course their fun nautical patterns! Look at how lovely these prints are:
Wouldn't these make lovely Thank You cards? I am going to add them
to my Christmas list today!

Style Icons

Today, I thought I'd share some of my style icons and inspirations with you!
Since I was a little girl, I have absolutely ADORED Audrey Hepburn, not only is she the epitome of East Coast elegance, she also had a strong passion for philanthropy, something to be proud of! I especially love her in Roman Holiday and Sabrina.
I would not be a true prep if I didn't LOVE Jackie O. She's a forever style icon and exudes grace and elegance.
Reese Witherspoon- She is my favorite "contemporary" prep, and I absolutely love her films! I'd have to say that Legally Blonde 2 and Election are my favorites.
Kate Middleton- Aside from being betrothed to MY future husband Prince William, she is the key icon for the Sloane set. I adore her and all things British!

Another fun inspiration: Sofia Coppola's video advertisement for Miss Dior Cherie. I LOVE Paris and Dior. This video is just too cute! You can view it here.

Who are some of your style icons?

Monday, December 14, 2009

I love....

I love T&C Magazine! It is just fabulous! Established in 1846, it's such a tried and true classic. I especially love their social graces section! In fact, they even have a Town and Country Social Graces book inspired by the articles in the magazine! You can order it here.
I also really enjoy the advertisements found in T&C. They are so classic and traditional. Very WASPy. If you haven't ever read a copy, go out and grab one today!

My First Blog Post!

You can call me Pearl, Miss Pearl! I am new to the blogging world and am so excited to get started! To begin, I'd thought I'd share some things about myself with you!
-I'm a college student with a passion for all things preppy!
-I was born and raised in Maryland and love my state.
-I would LOVE love to be White House social secretary.
-I adore pink, green, tiffany blue, cameos, madras, polka dots, monograms and mimosas!
-Navy>Army. ;)
-My college roommates are the best friends I could have ever asked for. I am very blessed to have met them.
-I have the absolute best boyfriend in the world, MCC. He's the prince charming to my princess self.
-I absolutely LOVE pearls.
-I have a passion for both literature and politics. I also LOVE anything French.
-My favorite brands include Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines, and J. Crew.
-I love love love jewelry, particularly anything pearl or T&Co.
-I live a wonderfully charmed life.

I am so excited to start blogging! Please follow me and share in my daily adventures!