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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Yesterday was very hectic but extremely productive! I was feeling crafty in the morning so I decided to decorate some Lilly inspired cookies and Christmas gifts! For the cookies, I used a Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe and store-bought white icing. Then I used gel cake decorators in (of course) pink and green to decorate them! I included monograms, palm trees, a whale, and polka dots! Here's how they turned out:
After I was finished baking, I decided to make some Lilly inspired gifts for my very best friends! I used a cute quote: "You can never have enough friends or dresses, especially when you're lucky enough to find the perfect fit" and the "Oh Shift" notecards as a background to write the saying. For the frame, I went to Marshall's and picked up an adorable pink and pearl accented frame for a bargain at $4.99! Here's how they turned out:
I posted this sample on the Lilly facebook page and got a lot of great responses!

After I was finished crafting, my family and I decorated for Christmas! Normally we do this much earlier in December but since I just finished my fall semester, we finally found the time! Here are some photos of our tree, along with one of MCC and I after decorating!

I am wearing a grey Ralph Lauren sweater and a J.Crew tissue tee. I also have my Return to Tiffany bracelet on and my favorite multi-colored pearls.

I hope you were inspired to craft and be merry! Have a great day!

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  1. Love the cupcakes!!And the lilly gift! I'm tempted to make sugar cookies.